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if you’re sure亚洲av无码专区国产乱码不卡

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if you’re sure亚洲av无码专区国产乱码不卡

Matt woke up the next morning to the feeling of soft, warm flesh on top of him, two mounds pressing into his chest. His cock was rubbing against something wet, and he could hear soft breathing. He opened his eyes, and saw that Sophie was laid on top of him, sleeping peacefully, her big, pink duvet covering them both. Matt looked over at her clock, and saw that it was just after 7am. He figured it must be about time for them to get up for school, but truth be told, he didn’t actually know how far away from school Sophie lived.Matt started trying to move out from under her, but this just caused the beautiful girl to stir. She opened her eyes, looked at him, and smiled.“Morning,” she said, before giving him a peck on the lips. “So how was your first time sleeping with a girl?”“Good,” Matt replied, laying his hands on her bottom. “Cuddling up to you is really nice.”“You’re not a bad cuddle buddy yourself,” Sophie smiled, before giving him another kiss. “I could do this all day, but we should get to school.”“Do we have to? I mean, we’ve got genies. We could just stay here and have fun, and no-one could stop us.”“We could do that, and I’ve done it many times,” Sophie said, climbing off of Matt. “But there’s plenty of fun to have at school. We’ve got decades of fun with Lumiosa and Alexis, remember, so there’s plenty of time to play hooky and fuck all day long.”“I guess,” Matt sighed. “And I guess you’ve got more experience than me. Your body’s probably not as desperate for sex as I am.”“Oh trust me, I’m still up for plenty of sex. And I certainly had plenty of it when I first got Alexis. Like the first month or so of me having her was just non-stop sex.”“That sounds fun.”“Oh it was. Very fun." Sophie smiled, before walking over to her drawers. She bent over, so as to give Matt a good view of her butt. “But we need to get ready for school. Summon Lumiosa to dress you.”Matt nodded, and got up to get Lumiosa’s lamp, but to his surprise, he couldn’t find it.“Uh, Sophie…” He said. “Lumiosa’s lamp’s not here. And neither is Alexis’.”“What!?” Sophie exclaimed in a panic, and began looking around for them. “Oh fuck. You know, for how high and mighty Alexis likes to act, she can be a bit stupid sometimes.”“What do you mean?”“Well, when they teleported us here, it apparently didn’t occur to either of them that it might be a good idea to send their lamps with us. Which means they’re back at your place still.”“So what’ll we do?”“This.”Sophie picked her phone up, and handed it to Matt. “Dial your house.”“Why?” He asked, confused.“Just do it.” Matt dialled, and handed it back to Sophie.“Go upstairs to Matt’s bedroom, and get the two lamps that are on the floor, making sure not to touch either of them with your bare hands,” Sophie ordered to the person on the other end of the phone. “You will then bring them to 32 Wayford Way.”Sophie hung up the phone, and put it down.“What did you just do!?” Matt asked her, concerned.“Well I just ordered the person the other end of the phone, who from the sounds of things was your mother, to bring our lamps over here,” Sophie explained.“But how-”“A long time ago I wished for everyone to do everything I said. Your mom just couldn’t help but obey me without question.”“That’s…cool, I guess,” Matt said.“Matt, as time goes on, you’ll get much better at making the most of your wishes. Since I got Alexis, I’ve pretty much never been sad. That’s what having near-infinite power at your disposal does.”“You’re really used to this genie thing, aren’t you?”“Of course. I’ve had Alexis for 3 years now. You’ll be like this before long, don’t worry.” Sophie then kissed Matt passionately. “So I reckon we’ve got at least 15 minutes before your mom arrives with the lamps. Wanna fuck until then?”“Sophie, I’m a teenage boy who 2 days ago lost his virginity, and yesterday organised an orgy with two dozen horny girls,” Matt replied. “Of course I wanna fuck.”Sophie grinned, and practically pounced on Matt, ramming his cock into her. Matt grabbed her ass, and squeezed it as she rode him.“Oh yeah, that’s how you do it Matt!” Sophie moaned. She stroked his chest, and leaned down to kiss him.“Oh God, I’m so glad I got a genie!” Matt moaned. “This is great!”“You’re telling me!” Sophie cried out. Matt wiggled his hips to try and match Sophie’s own movements, but the incredible pleasure he was feeling all over his body made it difficult to muster the strength.Matt blew his load pretty quickly, and he felt Sophie’s pussy begin to contract around his dick as he shot cum into her. She collapsed on top of him, and they made-out passionately as they rode out their orgasms together. When it was all over, they laid there cuddling for a while, stroking each-other’s skin.“It may interest you to know,” Sophie whispered in Matt’s ear. “That I wished for my sexual partners and I to always orgasm at the same time. Hence why we’ve been perfectly in sync.”“Well I’m certainly not complaining.” Matt kissed Sophie’s neck, causing her to giggle.Just then, Sophie’s bedroom door opened, and in walked Matt’s mother, carrying the two lamps in her hands.“Mom!” Matt exclaimed. “I…I can explain!”“I have brought the lamps you requested, Mistress,” she said in a monotonous, trance-like state.“Oh good, and you even wore gloves to stop the burning,” Sophie smiled, before grabbing Alexis’ lamp from her. “Good slave. Matt, get yours.”“Uh…” Matt said, a little freaked out about being naked with his mother in the room.“Matt, she won’t remember any of this, I promise,” Sophie said, kissing him, and rubbing the lamp, releasing Alexis.“Alright, if you’re sure,” Matt said, still unconvinced. He took Lumiosa’s lamp from his mother’s hand, and the instant he did, she snapped out of her trance.“W…what’s going on?” She asked. “Where am I? Matt? What’s happening? Why are you naked? Who are these girls?”“Hi Mrs Evans, I’m Sophie, Matt’s new girlfriend, and this is Alexis, my genie,” Sophie said cheerfully.“What are you talking about?” Mrs Evans asked.“That’s not really important, since you’re not going to remember any of this,” Sophie grinned. “Alexis, do your stuff.”“Your wish is my command, Mistress,” Alexis smiled. She snapped her fingers, and Mrs Evans instantly vanished.“What did you do to her!?” Matt shouted.“Oh relax Matt,” Alexis said. “Sophie just had me send your mother home with no memories of this. She’s fine.”“Do you do this a lot?” Matt asked.“Well, I order people around all the time, but it’s not often I bother wiping their memories, since they generally don’t have anything worth forgetting,” Sophie replied. “Anyway, Alexis, I wish we were both dressed. Matt, summon Lumiosa and wish yourself dressed.”Alexis and Sophie were instantly dressed in tight tops and jeans, which Matt observed didn’t seem to involve underwear of any sort. He then rubbed his own lamp, releasing Lumiosa.“What do you desire of me, Master?” She asked him, appearing naked, and on her knees.“Hey look, it’s little miss “I can’t think for myself”,” Alexis joked. Lumiosa shot her an annoyed look, before turning back and smiling at Matt.“I wish to be clothed,” Matt said.“As you wish, Master.” Lumiosa snapped her fingers, and Matt was instantly wearing a pair of swimming trunks, and a thin vest. Sophie and Alexis giggled“Uh Lumiosa, this isn’t quite what I had in mind…” Matt told her.“I’m sorry Master, are you displeased with how I have granted your wish?” Lumiosa began crying. “I merely chose some clothes from your drawers, like I did yesterday!”“Has this girl always been such a crier?” Sophie asked her genie.“As long as I’ve known her,” Alexis replied. “It’s almost sad how upset she gets at messing up a wish. Hey Lumiosa, something like this!” Alexis snapped her fingers, causing a set of Matt’s jeans, as well as one of his T-shirts, to appear floating in mid-air, before laying down on the bed.“Is this right, Master?” Lumiosa asked, through her tears. Matt nodded, and Lumiosa snapped her fingers again, swapping the incorrect clothes with the correct ones. Lumiosa then got back to crying and bowing. “Master, I beg your forgiveness, and await whatever punishment you find me worthy of!”“Lumiosa, I’ve told you already, I’m not going to punish you,” Matt said, giving her a hug. “You try, and that’s all I ask.”“Thank you Master…” Lumiosa said, stopping crying.“Aaaanyway,” Alexis said, standing up. “It’s about time we headed off to school. Sophie, want me to teleport us there, or shall we take the Ferrari?”“Teleport,” Sophie replied. “And dress Lumiosa in some of my clothes.” Alexis snapped her fingers, dressing her fellow genie in jeans and a T-shirt.“Hey, you know that bit about Lumiosa being my genie, not yours?” Matt said. “I meant it, you know.”“Oh relax, I just thought it might be a good idea for her to wear clothes at school,” Sophie said. “So you coming then?”“What about breakfast?” Matt asked.“I wished away my need for food years ago,” Sophie replied. “I only do it for fun now.”“That sounds like a good idea actually,” Matt agreed. “Lumiosa, I wish for you to remove my need for food.”“Your wish is my command, Master,” Lumiosa said, and Matt’s hunger instantly went away.“Alright then, teleport us to school,” Matt commanded.The two genies snapped their fingers, and the 4 of them were instantly stood outside the school gates. Sophie took Matt’s hand in hers.“What are you doing?” He asked her.“Well we’re boyfriend and girlfriend now, so we should start acting like it,” Sophie smiled. “Come on, there’s learning to be learned and fun to be had.”Matt and Sophie walked into school hand-in-hand, with Lumiosa and Alexis following behind them.“Hey man, why are you with Sophie?” Sam asked as he and Max walked up to the group.“Did you wish her to fall in love with you or something?” Max asked. Sophie merely kissed her boyfriend, before looking at his friends, and speaking a one-word command.“Orgasm.” The instantly she said it, the two boys went rigid, as did their cocks. They felt to the floor, their knees giving way as their groins were suddenly struck by an almighty rush of pleasure.“Holy fuck!” Max cried out.“Oh my God!” Shouted Sam. Both boys started humping the air, as their cocks spurted out cum, creating large wet patches on their groins. The boys were drawing quite a crowd, with people taking pictures and videos on their phones. Matt looked on in shock, while Sophie just had a proud grin on her face.“And…stop orgasming!” She ordered the boys, their cocks instantly obeying. She then turned to face the crowd. “All of you will forget what you have just seen, and delete any photos or videos you have taken.”The crowd got a glazed look about themselves, and then dispersed, to go about their normal business. Sophie reached down to help Max and Sam up.“What…how…?” Sam asked.“Alexis is Sophie’s genie,” Matt told his friends.“Well there goes my plan to have you make her have sex with me,” Max said.“Play your cards right, and you might just get your wish,” Sophie winked. “But for now, Matt and I are a couple.” She kissed her boyfriend.The bell went, and Sophie and Matt walked off towards their English class.“Hey you two, how about a little clean-up?” Sam shouted after them.“Alexis, I wish for you to clean up their cum please,” Sophie said to her genie.“Your wish is my command, Sophie,” Alexis said, and the boys’ groins were instantly dry.When they got to their English class, they all sat down in their usual seats, with Matt, Sam and Max on the front row, with Sophie, Alexis and Lumiosa sat behind them. The teacher set them some work, and the class got on with it. While they were working, Sophie leaned forward to talk to Max and Sam.“Hey guys, wanna really see what a genie’s capable of?” She said to them seductively.“Sophie, what are you gonna-” Matt began.“Alexis, I wish that Max and Sam would feel as though they were getting incredible blowjobs,” Sophie interrupted him. Alexis merely smirked, and snapped her fingers. Instantly, Sam and Max moaned out, as they felt warm, wet, sensual mouths engulf their dicks, which began to grow hard again.“Oh my God…” Sam moaned.“It might be a good idea to keep quiet boys,” Alexis giggled. “Though it won’t be easy.”“You’re evil, you know that?” Matt said to his girlfriend.“Yeah, but you love it,” Sophie said, kissing him. “And your friends seem to love it too.”“You two!” Snapped the teacher, Mrs Jenkins. “If you could keep your hands off each-other during class, then I would very much appreciate it.”“But you don’t mind it,” Sophie commanded her. “We’re allowed to do what we want.”“Yes…I suppose you are,” Mrs Jenkins agreed, unable to resist Sophie’s magical voice. “As you were.”“You’re really comfortable with magic, aren’t you?” Matt asked.“When you’ve had a genie for 3 years, you just accept it as a part of life,” Sophie shrugged, before turning to Sam and Max. “So you guys enjoying my little gift?” The boys both nodded.“Oh God…I’m gonna cum…” Max moaned, but Sophie just shook her head.“Not yet you’re not,” she said. “Alexis, I wish that Sam and Max will be unable to orgasm.”“Ooo, I like the way you think,少妇无码太爽了不卡在线视频 Sophie,” Alexis smirked, granting the wish.“We don’t!” Both boys moaned.“Oh don’t complain,” Sophie said. “Be good, and I’ll let you cum later.”The bell went to signal the end of the lesson, and everyone started packing their things away, aside from Sam and Max, who were too engrossed in their blowjobs, which they could never cum from.“Come on guys, you can’t just sit there all day,” Alexis teased them.“Sophie, can you please let them cum?” Matt asked her.“Have mercy!” Max begged.“I’ll let you cum later,” Sophie said. “For now, just enjoy the blowjobs. Anyway, Alexis and I have PE to get to. I trust my classmates won’t start ripping their clothes off again like yesterday?”“Well maybe they will,” Matt said. “You’re not the only one that can be mischievous.”“Oh come on, look at them! They’re enjoying it.” Sophie kissed him. “Come on Alexis, let’s go.”The two girls left, leaving Matt with his genie and pleasured friends.“Can you two walk?” Matt asked his friends.“I…I’m not sure…” Sam moaned.“Lumiosa, I wish they could walk.”“Your wish is my command, Master,” Lumiosa smiled, and Max and Sam felt the strength returning to their legs. They both stood up, boners obvious in their pants.“Can’t you just wish this to end?” Sam asked.“Sorry, I can’t override one of Sophie’s wishes,” Matt replied. “We’ll just have to hope she lets you cum eventually.”The boys and Lumiosa went to their next class, which involved a lot of trying to hide their pleasure. Max got asked to come up to answer a question on the board at one point, but Matt wished that request away for him, so he didn’t have to embarrass himself TOO much. When they walked out of class, to go for lunch, they saw Sophie and Alexis being chatted-up by Jake and Mark, two members of the school’s football team.“Come on babes, you know you want us,” Jake said.“Soph’, why you hangin’ out with that loser Matt?” Mark asked. “You know I’m the one you want.” The two boys moved in to kiss the girls, who simply punched them both in the balls.“Move out of our way,” Sophie commanded, and the boys immediately did as they were told.The girls tried to walk off, but the boys grabbed them.“Hey you two, you still owe us kisses!” Mark shouted.“I was going to be nice to you, but it seems like I need to teach you guys a lesson,” Sophie said to them in a stern voice. “So until you both apologise, I wish that your dicks will be 1-inch wonders, never get hard, and never cum.” The girls then turned to walk away again. The boys were about to follow, before they felt their groins begin to tingle.“What the fuck!?” Mark cried out, and they both ran away to check what was happening to them.“Well those guys were dicks,” Sophie said as she walked up to Matt and his friends.“Very small dicks, as it now happens,” Alexis laughed.“Wow, you really are just like a normal girl, Alexis,” Matt said to the genie. “I wish Lumiosa was more like you.” He then realised what he’d said.“Wait, Lumiosa!” He said in a panic.“Tell you what, how about I give her some lessons tonight while you two are busy?” Alexis suggested.“Busy with what?” Matt asked.“Well, as if by magic,” Sophie smirked. “My friends and I are excused from school tomorrow. We’re gonna have a sleepover at mine tonight, and you’re invited too, if you feel like spending the night with a bunch of hot, naked girls.”“Naked?”“Yeah, it’s a no-clothes sleepover. So you in?”“You bet I am,” Matt smiled at the thought.“If I can just interrupt,” Sam moaned. “Sophie, how about sorting us out?”“Say the magic word, and I’ll say mine,” Sophie teased them.“Pleeeaaaase!” They both begged.“You wish is my command,” Sophie smirked. “Do it, Alexis. And I wish no-one else would notice.” The genie snapped her fingers, and Max and Sam cried out in orgasm, firing their cum out into their pants. Just as they had earlier, they collapsed back onto the floor, humping the air as they came. When it was over, they felt the mouths finally pull off of their dicks, and they sighed with relief.“Honestly, you’d think a guy would be grateful at getting a 2-hour blowjob,” Alexis said.“So anyway Matt,” Sophie said. “The slumber party’s not until tonight, but you wanna go back to my place now and get ready?”“That sounds good,” Matt replied. “Lumiosa, take the two of us back to Sophie’s place, minus our clothes please.”“As you wish, Master,” Lumiosa obliged. She snapped her fingers, as did Alexis, and the 4 of them vanished, leaving Max and Sam behind.They popped up in Sophie’s living room, all totally naked.“Will you two be requiring us tonight, or shall I take Lumiosa for her education?” Alexis asked.“Just one thing,” Sophie replied. “I wish that my friends will have the same sexual performance enhancements you gave me.”“Your wish is my command,” Alexis said as she granted it. “Is that all?”“Yeah, you’re free to go wherever you want for tonight, but keep your lamps here so we can call you if we want to,” Sophie replied.“Lumiosa, for tonight, I want you to do whatever Alexis says,” Matt commanded her.“It shall be done, Master,” Lumiosa bowed.“Don’t worry Matt, I’ll get to work on her,” Alexis said. “Come on Lumiosa.”Alexis vanished, and Lumiosa soon followed. Sophie then gave Matt a big kiss.“So who’s coming tonight?” Matt asked her.“Megan, Sally and Kelly,” Sophie replied. “Lots of boobies for you to enjoy.”“I like yours the best,” Matt grinned, grabbing Sophie’s boobs.“Oh yeah? Well I like your dick.” Sophie grabbed Matt’s hardening dick, and squeezed it. They both laid down on the sofa, and made-out.“Sophie, can I ask you a question? Have you ever used Alexis’ powers on me before?” Sophie smiled at this.“I was wondering when you’d ask that,” she said. “Well…remember that week a year or two ago when you couldn’t think of any girl sexually except me?”“Yeah…”“That was me. I wished that I’d dominate every guy’s thoughts. That you all wouldn’t be able to resist masturbating to thoughts of me.”“I remember that. That was a hard week.”“Oh I bet it was…” Sophie gave his dick another squeeze, and gave him another kiss. “There’s also the time I made the boys’ and girls’ PE classes merge and fuck all lesson. I think you were in that class. Of course, I wiped everyone’s memories of it.”“You mean to tell me I lost my virginity years ago and I don’t even remember it?”“Yeah, that’s what I’m saying.”“I’m going to repeat what I said earlier: You’re evil, you know that?”“And I’m going to repeat what I said earlier: Yeah, but you love it.”The two of them laughed, and kissed. They moved into a spooning position, Matt rubbing his cock against Sophie’s ass, and stroking her stomach with his hands.“Sophie, have you ever wanted to go out and find other Masters?” Matt asked her.“A little,” she replied. “But now I’ve got you, so I don’t have to. Plus Alexis told me she can’t use her powers to find other genies, so we’d have to track them down ourselves.”Sophie then grabbed Matt’s dick, and positioned it by her pussy.“What are you doing?” He asked her.“Well as much as I like your dick rubbing against my ass, I’d much rather it be inside me,” Sophie replied.“Then your wish is my command,” Matt grinned, before sliding inside her.----------------------------------------------Alexis and Lumiosa popped up in the local park, still totally naked. As it happened, they were stood on a picnic basket, where a couple was making out. They screamed as the two genies appeared out of thin air.“Oh relax, you two act like you’ve never seen two naked genies before,” Alexis said. She snapped her fingers, and the two genies were instantly dressed in their clothes from earlier. “Come on Lumiosa, let’s go for a walk around.”“Is this a park?” Lumiosa asked as they walked.“Yeah, they’re still common nowadays, but life’s very different generally. Like, have you seen those metal things riding around?”“What are they?”“They’re called cars. People use them as transport.”“Fascinating. This place is truly different to anywhere I have ever been. Where are we?”“America. You won’t have heard of it because it hadn’t been discovered when last we saw each-other. I’m glad we ran into each-other though. I’ve not seen another genie in like 3 centuries. It’s nice to be able to talk to someone like me, even if I’ve had the pleasure of lots of kind Masters. It’s why I want you to be more like me. So you can enjoy life like I do, instead of being so focused on pleasing your Master.”“But we are genies! It is our duty to please our Masters!”“Yeah, and I like it when Sophie’s happy, but I don’t spend every day thinking about how to please her. I grant her wishes when she makes them, but aside from that, she lets me be a normal girl. Well, a normal girl with magical powers. Watch.”There were two teenage boys walking past at that time. Alexis waved her hand, and the two boys were instantly naked.“I can’t believe Miss Sophie lets you use your powers without her like that,” Lumiosa said.“It’s fun, and I’m gonna show you how to have fun,” Alexis said.----------------------------------------------Back at Sophie’s house, several hours had passed, and the two teens had lost count of how many orgasms they’d had. Sophie was on all fours, with Matt fucking her from behind, squeezing her ass hard. Matt moaned as he squirted more cum into Sophie’s pussy, which sent her into her own orgasm. Matt noticed the clock, which said it was now nearly 6, and he pulled out of Sophie. The two teens kissed and cuddled on the sofa.“Well that was fun,” Sophie panted as they cuddled.“Yeah,” Matt agreed. “But your friends are gonna be here soon.”Megan, Sally and Kelly arrived before long, and they headed upstairs to the bedroom, the girls all stripping off. Sophie and Matt cuddled on the bed, while the others lounged around the room.“So you two are a couple, eh?” Sally asked them.“Yeah, we’re in love,” Sophie replied, kissing Matt.“I can see why,” Megan said, pointing at Matt’s erection, which embarrassed him.“I’d love to have that thing inside me,” Kelly grinned.“Well of course you would,” Megan said. “You, unlike the rest of us, are a virgin. You’ve never had the pleasure of having a dick inside you.”“Well you know, I’d be happy to correct that if you’d like,” Matt joked.“Naughty boy, you’re taken!” Sally laughed.“I don’t mind if Kelly wants to fuck him,” Sophie said.“Wait…seriously?” Kelly asked.“Of course,” Sophie smiled. “I don’t mind sharing Matt. In fact, can I let you girls in on a secret?”“What secret?” Megan asked.“I can make you do whatever I want,” Sophie replied.“Bullshit,” Sally said. “How?”“Magic,” Sophie replied. “Just to show you, Megan, Sally, kiss each-other.” Right away, Megan and Sally stood up, wrapped their arms around each-other, and kissed each-other passionately.“Holy fuck…” Kelly gasped. Megan and Sally broke their kiss, and their trance instantly ended.“Oh my God…” They both said.“I don’t know what came over me…” Sally said.“I just felt like I HAD to kiss you…” Megan blushed.“That’s because you did, because I ordered you to,” Sophie told them.“Okay, how did you do that?” Kelly asked Sophie.“I told you, magic. Beyond that, it’s a secret. But Kelly, I think it’s time you lost your virginity, so come and lay down on the bed and spread your legs.” The instant Sophie spoke her command, Kelly got up, and laid down as she was instructed.“Nervous?” Sophie asked her.“A little,” Kelly replied.“Don’t be, just lay back, and let Matt do his stuff.”Matt climbed on top of Kelly, and kissed her.“You sure you’re okay with this, Sophie?” Matt asked his girlfriend.“Matt, it’s fine,” Sophie nodded. “I told you, we may be a couple, but we’re allowed to fuck other people. Now take Kelly’s virginity.”Matt nodded his agreement, and slid into Kelly slowly. The girl moaned, and Sophie kissed her.“You like watching me kiss her, Matt?” Sophie asked. Matt nodded again, and Sophie continued kissing her friend, while Matt thrust in and out of her.“Oh God, that’s so hot,” Sally said, watching them.“Well tell you what, how about you girls come and join in?” Sophie ordered, and Sally and Megan instantly walked over to them, and started fondling and kissing any exposed skin they could get hold of.“Oh my God…” Matt moaned as he fucked Kelly, feeling Sally’s hands fondle him. “This feels incredible…”“And just think, you’ve got a whole life of pleasure like this to look forward to,” Sophie moaned between kisses.“Oh God, I can’t wait…” Matt moaned, before Sally kissed him. “I can’t fucking wait…”----------------------------------------------Author's message: Hi everyone! Thanks for all the positive comments! I've been reading through what you've written, including the suggestions, and I'm hoping to implement some of the ideas in future chapters! Next time: Plot development!





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