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I was loving it亚洲av无码专区亚洲av

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I was loving it亚洲av无码专区亚洲av

It was a Thursday evening. Thursday night football was on so my brother and I and a few buddies decided to hit a pub to watch the game.It had been about 10 years since we all graduated from high school and for the first time since then, almost all of us were back living in the city we grew up in. In typical fashion it didn’t take long before the beers were free flowing and some of the guys were already eyeing up some of the scenario around the bar.These two ladies caught our attention right away. They were sitting together on the far side of the place eating a meal. One was blonde, very thin, easily in her 40s but had big tits (caught my eye right away). The other was a younger girl, maybe in her early 20s. She was bigger, much bigger. With massive tits, legs and ass and brown hair. My buddy Kevin summed up the courage to go over and introduce himself. After a few minutes of chatting he returned the table and requested we clear two spaces for the ladies that would be joining us as soon as they finished their dinner.We all thought he was full of shit so no one moved an inch and continued to enjoy our beer and the football game. About 10 minutes later the two ladies came over to the table. I was absolutely floored. I honestly thought he was bullshitting everyone when he said they would join us.One seat was empty next to me already, which the blonde took. I immediately stood and offered my seat to the brunette. As a few of my previous stories indicate, I am a bit of a sucker for a nice BBW and this girl was no exception. The girls joined right in the conversation and we all chatted for quite a while. Eventually the table next to us left and I grabbed one of the chairs and pulled it next to the BBW. He name was Heather she was in fact 21. The blonde, Diane was 42. Heather and I spent most of the time talking to one another once I was sitting next to her.She was wearing a black skirt, white blouse and black jacket. It looked like she had just come straight from work. “Did you come straight from work” I asked. The two ladies glanced at each other and both nodded. I thought that was a bit odd given Diane was wearing blue jeans, but heck, maybe she stopped at home and changed or something… I have no idea. As the night wore on, it was now probably midnight or shortly after that, the conversation at the table became a bit more… open we’ll say. It was likely due to the alcohol but it didn’t scare the girls away. All the guys were focused on Diane and flirting with her. I wasn’t really flirting with Heather, mostly just chatting. I’m married, which has never stopped me before, but since I would have no were to take her home and I had to be up for work at 6am, I felt it wasn’t worth the effort. At one point Diane asked, “What about your friend at the end (me), what does it think of my body?” “ummm… “ I stuttered. “You look good for your age for sure” I replied. “Don’t worry about him, he is into fat chicks” blurted one of the other guys in a joking manner as Diane looked disappointed that I didn’t want to fuck her. Heather put her hand on my leg “Don’t worry, fat chicks have way more fun in bed anyway” said. She began to lightly stroke my thigh.She leaned in and whispered “do you really like a bigger girl, babe” I nodded my head and took a big gulp of beer. A few of the guys were starting to head out. We were all taking care of our bills and saying bye. I went back to the table first and the girls were discussing how each of them was getting home.“Where do you guys live” I asked.Diane said she lived in the south east part of town and heather lived out of town and was staying at a near by hotel. “oh, well if you don’t want to take a cab, I could drop you at the hotel, its on my way home” I said. It wasn’t. It wasn’t even remotely close. Kevin returned to the table and suggested that he would Diane since he would be making her breakfast in the morning. This drew more then a few laughs but she agreed. Replying “as long don’t cum before I do, ill make you breakfast in the morning”Kevin quickly grabbed her hand and guided her out of the place. Heather and I followed and headed to my car. When we got in she took one look in the back seat. “You have kids,啊灬啊别停灬用力啊老师 does that mean you are married?” Me: “Yes, I have kids and I am married” Heather: “That’s cool”We didn’t chat much on the drive to the hotel. I thought any chance that this girl liked me was dead in the water as soon as I said I was married. When we arrived I parked at the front. Heather: “Arent you going to walk me to my room like a gentleman? Who knows what kind of weirdos could be in the hallways at this hour” Me: “uh, ya… of course” I said with a grin. I quickly parked the car and we walked into the hotel. Just before the elevator Heather took hold of my hand. I looked and her and smiled and we stepped into the elevator. I was so incredibly nervous at this point. I thought I knew what was about to happen but at the same time I needed to get home. It was now almost 2am and I would definitely have some explaining to do. When the elevator door closed Heather pushed me against the wall and kissed me. Pressing her body up against mine. I put my arms around her, one on her big booty and the other on her hip.Our kissing went from zero to deep French kissing within seconds. As the doors opened to her floor we could barely pry ourselves off each other. We quickly made our way to her room. We didn’t even turn on any lights. We just continued to make out all the way to the bed. Heather wasted no time ripping my clothes off . She pushed me on the bed and walked over and turned on a single light. “We don’t need that “ I said. “Why, don’t you want to enjoy the show?” She replied as she began to take her jacket and blouse off. As her clothes were coming off I quickly realized she was wearing some sexy ass lingerie underneath that outfit. At this point all she had on was a sexy lace top and matching thong. I tried to sit up but she climbed up on to the bed and pushed me back down. She straddled my hips and we started kissing again. I couldn’t help myself and started to play with her enormous tits. I took one out and began to lick and suck on her nipple. It grew instantly. Easily 1.5-2 inches long. You could hand clothes off of it. I took it out of my mouth long enough to ask “how big are these things” and went back to sucking. “They are 42 HH baby, you’re going to enjoy them” as she lowered both tits on to my face and started smother my face. I was in absolute heaven. Sensing that I might be about to pass out from lack of oxygen she got up, standing on the bed and removed her thong. All I could muster out of my mouth at that point was “nice... I’m in heaven” “how Ironic, that is my work name” as she sat on my face, putting her dripping wet shaved pussy into my mouth.I couldn’t lick fast enough to keep up with the juices that were flowing out of her pussy. I was grabbing her ass and squeezing, I was loving it, but I was also trying to let her know she was putting enough pressure on my face and if she went any further I’d be going inside her lol After a few minutes she lift a little “you eat a mean pussy, I wish my clients were as good as you” and she lowered back on to my face. “now make me cum” she demanded as she pushed her pussy right into my face. I had no where to go. Her thick thighs were on either side of my head leaving me no ability to move as her body got more and more tense. I knew she was going to cum soon so I just kept licking. I started sucking on her clit and she went freakin wild. She ground her pussy deeper into my face. I wanted her to lighten up but I knew it was driving her wild so I kept going.She was starting to buck a bit when she suddenly stood up. “Whats going on, I thought you were about to cu…” I couldn’t even finish my sentence when she turned around and dropped her pussy back into my mouth but now she was able to take my cock in her mouth.I was ready to cum just from eating her pussy and she knew it and left it alone. I continued to suck and lick her clit until she exploded on me. No scream, no moan, just an absolute rush of liquid out of her pussy and into my mouth, and all over my face. As she was panting she kept grinding her pussy into my face a bit more. I was exhausted. She was exhausted. She left and slid forward a bit. “Did you like that sweetie?” Yes, I replied. “Good, were just getting started” she said as she lowered her ass in to my face. “lick me” she demanded. She was much more vocal as I licked her ass. I thought she was going to orgasm again as I went to town on her back door. I reached up and inserted two fingers into her pussy and fingered her while I ate her ass. Heather climbed off and lay next to me. I was panting. I was completely exhausted from lack of oxygen and pleasing her. “I guess by now you get that I am the dominant one” “oh ya, that is crystal clear” I replied.“Good, I’m glad you know your role” she then proceeded to climb back on and smother me with her stomach and tits. I truly was in heaven. I was loving every minute of this BBW dominating me. Eventually she let me suck on her tits again in between smothering me with them. I could feel her warm pussy hovering above my cock. Without thinking I lifted until the head met her pussy. She drove her hips down, driving me deep inside of her. I couldn’t hold it any longer and came instantly. I was shocked, she was shocked. When I was done she jumped up and sat back on my face. “What the fuck is wrong with you. You can’t be cumming inside me! For that you will eat your cum back out of me” as she shoved her pussy into my mouth. I wasn’t licking, I just kept my mouth shut as she grinded my face. My cum was oozing out of her pussy all over my face. I couldn’t do anything. She was pinning me down. Eventually she stopped but she kept my head locked between her legs and against her pussy. She rolled over but kept my head locked her in thighs which meant I had to roll with her. I crawled up and kissed her and looked at the clock. “oh shit, its 3:30. I gotta get going” I blurted out. I jumped up and scrambled to grab my clothes. I got dressed and we exchanged BBM pins. We kissed one long last time and I headed out the door. I sped home and quietly went inside and decided to sleep on the couch in the living room. The alarm on my phone went off at the usual 6am. I was absolutely bagged but I had to go to work that day. Once I was somewhat awake I checked my phone and noticed I had a BBM. I opened it to a message from Heather “had an amazing time with u 2nite. BTW, u forgot your sunglasses” this was followed by a picture of my sunglasses with one arm in her pussy and the other in her anus. “come by an grab’em sometime in tha mornin” I almost died. I locked my phone and head to the shower…


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