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” Lumiosa said亚洲爆乳www无码专区

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” Lumiosa said亚洲爆乳www无码专区

When Matt had woken up on Tuesday morning cuddled up to a nude Sophie, he’d enjoyed it greatly, and it was something he'd definitely wanted to repeat as often as possible. This morning, Matt had the pleasure of waking up with not one nude girl, but 4, all of whom had wanted to get in on the group cuddle. Matt opened his eyes, and examined the current positions of everyone. He was laid on his back, with Sophie in pole position, cuddled up properly with him.On his other side was Kelly, who had moved out from underneath him after he’d finished filling her with vast quantities of his cum. On top of them were Megan and Sally. His cock and balls were rubbing against one of them, but he couldn’t tell who. He didn’t care, it felt good either way.Matt figured the chances of him getting out from under this pile of female flesh without waking them up were low, so he resigned himself to laying there for a while. He didn’t mind though, because the feeling of being skin-on-skin with these gorgeous girls was absolutely heavenly. As Matt laid there, he thought about everything that had happened since he’d first rubbed Lumiosa’s lamp. He’d lost his virginity (Well, he’d had sex for the first time he’d actually remembered), and gotten himself a girlfriend, who herself also had a genie. Not a bad few days.“Lost in thought?” Sophie asked him. Matt jumped slightly, and his girlfriend just giggled. “Aw, did I scare you?”“I thought you were asleep!” Matt half-shouted, half-whispered.“I’ve only been awake a minute or so,” Sophie said. “What were you thinking about?”“Just about how great my life’s been since I got Lumiosa,” Matt replied, smiling. “I just thank God, or whoever it was who sent me Lumiosa.”“I’m glad you got Lumiosa too, so I have someone to share my magical life with,” Sophie smiled, kissing her boyfriend. “Come on, let’s get up.”“What about your friends?” Matt asked.“Easy,” Sophie replied, before whispering in her friends’ ears. “Girls, don’t wake up until I tell you to.”Sophie then rolled Megan off of her, and got out of bed.“Come on,” she said. Matt got out of bed too, and started following Sophie downstairs. They got into her living room, where her parents were laid spooning on the sofa, watching TV. Matt noticed their two lamps were sat on the table, being ignored, but he was more concerned with the fact that he and his girlfriend were naked in front of her parents.“Mr and Mrs Swift!” Matt exclaimed. “I can explai-”“Morning mom, morning dad,” Sophie said calmly.“Good morning Sophie, good morning Matt,” Sophie’s mother said cheerily. “Did you both sleep well?”“We slept great, thanks,” Sophie replied, before turning to her boyfriend. “I brainwashed my parents a long time ago. They just accept anything I do. Watch. Mom, dad, orgasm.”Matt watched as Sophie’s parents both immediately cried out in pleasure. Sophie’s father humped his wife’s ass, while he stuck his hands down the front of her pants. Matt didn’t know whether to be aroused or embarrassed.“Thank you Sophie…” Her father panted when it was over. “That was amazing.”“You’re the best daughter in the world,” her mother panted.“Thanks guys, but I think Matt’s getting a little embarrassed, so why don’t you both go upstairs and fuck until I tell you to stop?” Sophie commanded.Her parents nodded, and went upstairs immediately. “Better?”“A little,” Matt replied. “So you basically enslaved your parents?”“Not enslaved, just made them more agreeable,” Sophie corrected him. “After all, normal parents tend to raise a fuss when you bring home 11 guys and let them have their way with you.”“Did you actually do that?”“2 years ago after the senior football team won the big game,” Sophie told him. “I had Alexis “convince” them that she and I were their reward for playing so well. That was a fun weekend.”“Weekend!?”“11 teenage guys have a lot of hormones to burn off. As do one teenage girl and her genie. You should have seen them the following week at school. None of them could look us in the eye.”Sophie then picked up Alexis’ lamp, and handed Lumiosa’s to Matt.“Come on then, let’s see how our girls have been doing,” She said, and the two of them rubbed their lamps. The two genies then appeared on the sofa, naked, and cuddled up in each-other’s arms. They both opened their eyes, feeling the call of their lamps.“You…you called, Master?” Lumiosa said sleepily, her hands resting on Alexis’ ass.“I thought genies didn’t need to sleep?” Matt asked.“We don’t,” Alexis told him. “But I like to. I was introducing Lumiosa to it.”“So what have you two been up to?” Sophie asked them.“We went around the park for a bit, and then I took her to the mall,” Alexis replied. “Then we rented a hotel room, and I showed her a night to remember.” Alexis stuck her tongue out and wiggled it at this, causing Lumiosa to blush.“Well that all sounds fun,” Matt said, his cock hardening at the thought, and from all the naked girls around him. “Lumiosa, you don’t have to listen to Alexis anymore.”“Very well, Master,” Lumiosa smiled.“Spoilsport,” Alexis said, sticking her tongue out further towards Matt.“Oh get a grip,” Sophie said. She then went over to the front door, to pick up the mail. “Let’s see…Oh, what’s this?” One letter in particular stuck out to her. It was addressed to her, which was a rarity in itself. She opened it, and started reading.“Dear Miss Swift,” she read. “Your recent actions have brought you to the attention of my employer, Mr Alex Brookman, of Brookman Industries. He has instructed me to invite you, and your genie, to meet with him at Brookman Industries’ headquarters, which, as you are no doubt aware, is right here in your home town.There is no need to RSVP. Merely turn up at the office, and Mr Brookman will drop what he is doing to see you. We hope to see you soon.- Miss April Showers”“April Showers?” Matt said. “That’s obviously made up.”“I’m more concerned that someone knows I’ve got a genie,” Sophie said, looking worried. “Alexis, check if Matt’s got a letter at home too.” Alexis then vanished, before popping up a few seconds later.“It’s fine, there’s not one,” she said.“That’s good,” Sophie said, breathing a sigh of relief. “That means they don’t know you’ve got a genie.”“You shouldn’t go,” Matt said. “It’s obviously a trap.”“What if it’s not?” Sophie asked. “What if this guy genuinely wants to meet me? Maybe he just wants to ask for some favours?”“How likely is that?”“I dunno…”Alex Brookman was the CEO of Brookman Industries, which he’d inherited from his father, who died when he was very young. The company made Pharmaceuticals, which could be found in most homes across the world. Mr Brookman, however, was a very secretive man, and very little was known about his personal life, at least, what Google could find for Matt and Sophie.“Look at him,” Sophie said, holding up a picture of him on her tablet. “How old would you say he is?”“I dunno, 24? 25?” Matt replied.“He’s 63,” Sophie said. “This guy must have a genie of his own.”“Well I guess that rules out him wanting to ask you for wishes.”“Mistress,” said Alexis, a word she only ever used when she was being serious or playful. This was the former. “While I agree that this is likely a trap, it may be advantageous for us to attend. To know our enemy would be much better than to stay in the dark. He knows your address, so he’s not going to just let you go. And don’t forget that, even if he does have a genie, you and I will be immune to their powers.”“You’re right Alexis,” Sophie nodded. “We’re going.”“Sophie, if you’re going, then I’m going with you,” Matt insisted, but Sophie shook her head.“It’s for the best if he doesn’t know you’ve got a genie,” Sophie said. “If this guy is bad, then it’ll be handy to have a trick up our sleeves.”“What if I could watch you without him knowing?” Matt asked.“Master, do I sense a wish coming?” Lumiosa asked him, sitting up on the sofa.“Well that depends on if it’s even possible,” Matt replied. “Would it be possible to put my mind in Sophie’s body? So I’d experience everything she did?”“It should be possible,” Lumiosa said, thinking. “If Miss Sophie consents to it, and if Miss Alexis helps me to grant it.”“So what, he’ll be in me?” Sophie asked.“You’d both be in control of your body,” Alexis explained. “You’d both see, hear and feel everything you do, and both of you could move and talk.”“That sounds alright I guess,” Sophie agreed.“Alright then, this might tingle a bit,” Alexis said.“Hold tight, Master,” Lumiosa giggled.The two genies held hands, and raised their other hands towards their Masters.“Your wish is our command,” they said in unison, before snapping their fingers. Instantly, Matt fell unconscious, while Sophie’s body tensed up.“Master, are you alright!?” Lumiosa shouted, worried, running over to the unconscious Matt.“Yeah, I’m fine,” replied Sophie. “Wait a second, that’s not my voice!” Sophie looked down at herself, and her eyes widened. “It worked, I’m a girl!”“Master…is that you?” Lumiosa asked. Sophie’s expression then changed, however.“Wow, this is weird. I’ve got Matt inside me. And not in the fun way,” she said, before grabbing her tits. “Heh heh, I’ve got boobies.” She then let go of her tits. “Matt, if you wanna feel me up, I’d appreciate if you’d do it with your own hands.”“I think we can assume it worked then,” Alexis said.“Definitely,” Sophie said, or at least, her body did. “Lumiosa, stay here and guard my body.”“Yes Master,” Lumiosa bowed. Sophie’s expression then changed again, and she turned to Alexis. “Alexis, drive me, or us, or whatever, to the office building, and then get in your lamp. I don’t want this guy seeing you before we want him to.”“As you wish,” Alexis said.Alexis and Sophie/Matt got into the car, a Ferrari, which Matt assumed Sophie must have wished up, and Alexis started driving.“When we get there Matt,” Sophie said. “Don’t say or do anything. Just sit and watch. He can’t know you’re here.”“Can I at least feel you up?” Matt asked.“Matt, this is serious,” Sophie said sternly. “We don’t know what this guy wants. We can’t afford to be making jokes.”“Oh fine…”They arrived at the large tower building where Brookman Industries was based. Alexis changed back into a cloud of light-blue smoke, which was sucked into the lamp in Sophie’s handbag.“Remember, don’t say anything,” Sophie said, before she got out of the car, and walked into the building. She walked up to reception, where there was a girl sat at the desk. She was, Sophie observed, young, gorgeous, and well-endowed.“Hello, I’m here to see Mr Brookman,” she said to the woman.“I’m sorry, but Mr Brookman is not taking any visitors at the moment,” the woman said.“It’s fine, Julia,18禁止看爆乳奶头无遮挡直播 she’s expected,” said another woman. Sophie turned to her right, and saw a woman standing there. She looked to be her late twenties, but she was drop-dead gorgeous, even more so than the other woman. She was dressed in formal business attire, though with a very short skirt. She was holding a clipboard. “You must be Miss Swift.” Sophie nodded.“Very good, come along with me dear,” the woman said, and turned to walk towards the elevator, before realising Sophie had stayed put. “Oh where are my manners? My name is April Showers. I am Mr Brookman’s secretary, among other things. I assure you dear, you’re quite safe with me. Now come along, Mr Brookman does not like to be kept waiting.” Sophie steeled herself for whatever was to come, and followed Miss Showers into the elevator, which began to go up.“Mr Brookman is very excited to meet you,” Miss Showers said. Sophie just stayed quiet. “Not one for small talk, eh? Well, I’m sure Mr Brookman will be able to get some talking out of you.”The doors opened directly into a large office, with large windows, giving a big view of the city. There was a formal desk at the back of the room, but Sophie was more concerned about what was in front of it. There were two sofas facing each-other, with a glass table in between them. Sat on the sofa facing Sophie was a man, whom she recognised as Alex Brookman. He was wearing a suit, aside from the fact that his pants were around his ankles. Sophie couldn’t see his penis though, because it was in the mouth of the nude girl who was knelt in front of him, sucking on it.“Welcome, Miss Swift,” said Mr Brookman. “Please, take a seat.” Sophie sat down on the empty sofa. On the table was a big bottle of Coca Cola, two glasses, and a plate of chocolate biscuits.“Do let me know if you’d like something else,” Mr Brockman said. “Though I was expecting two people. Well, one human.” Sophie ignored him, and looked at the girl who was giving him head.“Is that Amy Barrows?” Sophie recognised her from school.“Why yes it is,” Mr Brockman replied. “She works here evenings and weekends. Of course, she’s part of how I discovered your little secret.”“I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Sophie said, and Mr Brockman just smiled.“Yesterday, Miss Showers overheard Amy here talking to one of the other girls about her boyfriend, one Mark Matthews,” He explained, and this peaked Sophie’s interest. “Seems he was rather reluctant to get his penis out for her, and when she finally saw it, she realised why. His penis was only an inch long, and it couldn’t get hard. Apparently some girl, by the name of Sophie Swift, had wished for it to happen, and then it had. Does that sound familiar?”“Maybe, maybe not,” Sophie replied.“I don’t know why you’re being so secretive, Miss Swift. Sophie. Can I call you Sophie?”“I’d prefer Miss Swift.”“Well then Miss Swift, I know you have a genie, it’s obvious. So why don’t you just summon her so we can all start being honest with each-other?” Sophie reached into her handbag, and pulled out Alexis' lamp.“Damn…” Mr Brookman said under his breath.“What?” Sophie asked him.“Just rub your lamp and then you’ll get your answers,” Mr Brookman replied.Sophie rubbed the lamp, and light-blue smoke poured out, forming into Alexis, who sat down next to her Mistress.“Well, she’s a pretty one,” Mr Brookman smiled, before groaning, as he came into Amy’s mouth. She then pulled off of him, stood up, and bowed politely. “Thank you Amy. You’re dismissed.”“Thank you for this honour, Mr Brookman,” Amy said, before she left.“Are all your staff mindless slaves?” Sophie asked him.“Not mindless, just obedient,” Mr Brookman corrected her, before turning to face Alexis. “So what can I call you, dear?”“Alexis,” the genie replied.“Alexis,” Mr Brookman smiled. “A fine name. Do you recognise her, dear?”“Unfortunately, she’s not one I’ve ever come across, Master,” Miss Showers replied.“Master?” Alexis asked. “You mean you’re his-”“Miss Showers, I wish for you to dress me,” Mr Brookman interrupted.“Your wish is my command, Master.” Miss Showers snapped her fingers, and her Master was instantly dressed.“Definitely a genie, then,” Alexis said. “But I’m assuming her real name isn’t April Showers, which by the way is a horrible joke.”“I must say, Miss Swift, that your genie is very outspoken,” Mr Brookman smiled. “Does she not fear punishment?”“I like to give my staff some free will,” Sophie said sternly.“Quite. Well, if you must know, Alexis, the name April Showers was chosen by my grandfather, who found her lamp as a teenager,” Mr Brookman explain. “He passed her down to my father, who passed him down to me when I was 3, upon his death. I’m adopted, you see. My father never settled down and found a wife, much like I haven’t. Too much sex to be had, as I’m sure you understand. But since then, Apriya, as is her true name, has been everything to me; A mother, a wife, and, most importantly, a genie.”“Well that sounds great,” Sophie said, somewhat sarcastically. “So what exactly do you want with me?”“I’m getting to that. Patience,” Mr Brookman said. “For now, I’m curious about how and when you acquired Alexis here. Regale us with your tale.”“Maybe I don’t want to tell you. Maybe I still don’t trust you.”“As right you shouldn’t. After all, you barely know me.”“For now, I’m interested in why you were disappointed when I pulled out Alexis’ lamp.”Mr Brookman smiled, and ate a biscuit.“Please, help yourself,” he said, and Alexis took a handful of them.“Stop avoiding the question.”“Oh, I like a girl with spunk in her. Of course, I prefer it when it’s my spunk. Fine, I’ll tell you. I’m a collector of lamps. Magic lamps, of course. Aside from Miss Showers’, I have 3 of them locked away at home. I’ve not rubbed them, of course, since humans cannot have more than 1 genie each, but I enjoy having them. I used to have 4, but last week, one of them was stolen from me.“Stolen?”“Yes. I don’t know how, either, since I specifically wished that only I, or a member of my family, would be able to access it. I was hoping that your lamp was the one that was stolen from me.”“So you could steal it back?”“Not at all. I merely wished to become acquainted with you. I may look young, but I often feel like the old man I am. I want some youthful companionship that I’ve not just wished for.”“So you want to fuck me?”“Yes, but I want to fuck all attractive girls. I have some friends I’d like you to meet, Miss Swift. A little society we have. All of them are Masters, and I’m sure they’d all be interested in meeting you.”“How many of them are there?”“Including me, five current members, though we’ve had several more over the years. We have a store of lamps that we’ve collected over the years. We’ve got 214 in total, plus my 3, which the others don’t know about.”“214!?” Alexis exclaimed through her biscuits. “You’ve got 214 genies!?”“All of them dormant in their lamps of course. We wouldn’t want some random kids getting hold of them and causing havoc with the world, now would we?”“So what, you guys just collect lamps?” Sophie asked.“Through a mixture of wealth and magic, we hunt down magic lamps to add to our collection. For example, the one that was stolen was recovered from the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo, where it had sat for 10 years after being found by chance buried in a building site in Alexandria. As soon as I found out, I procured it, and hid it in my home. For the greater good of the world, of course.”“Of course.” Sophie wasn’t convinced.“Tell you what, Miss Swift, how about I give you my address and personal phone number?” Mr Brookman looked up at Miss Showers, who materialised a business card, and handed it to Sophie. “We’re meeting at my place on Friday night. I’d love for you to come, and of course Alexis is invited.”“I’ll think about it,” Sophie said.“I’m sure you will, and I’m sure you’ll make the right decision,” Mr Brookman smiled.“We’ll see. Alexis, take us home please.”“As you wish, Mistress.”Alexis snapped her fingers, and the two of them were instantly back in Sophie’s living room. Matt’s body was still unconscious on the floor, with Lumiosa sat on the sofa, watching over him.“Welcome home Master!” She said happily. “Would you like to return to your own body?”“Yes, do it,” said Matt in Sophie’s voice. Lumiosa and Alexis snapped their fingers, and Matt instantly sat up. He looked down at his groin, and sighed in relief.“Oh good, I’ve got a penis,” he said. “That was the weirdest bit. Not being able to feel my penis.”“Try being a girl all the time, we never feel our penises,” Sophie said.“If I may ask, what did you discover, Master, Miss Sophie?” Lumiosa asked.“Lumiosa, I wish for you to extract the memories of the events from my mind,” Matt commanded.“Your wish is my command, Master.” Lumiosa snapped her fingers, and instantly knew everything that had gone on. “That is so sad…To think of those poor genies, trapped in their lamps, never again to see the light of day, or know the joy of serving a Master.”“I’m more concerned with what they want with all those lamps,” Sophie said. “I don’t believe it’s really for the greater good.”“So what do you suggest we do?” Matt asked.“I say we go to this party, and we find out the truth.”----------------------------------------------Author's notes: So apologies for the relative lack of sex in this chapter, but I wanted to get some plot development in, and I didn't want to just ram sex in for the sake of it. Next time there'll hopefully be plenty more sex, as well as plot.A note about this chapter. Way back in Chapter 1, the library that Lumiosa's last Master worked at was meant to be the Library of Alexandria, which was burned down in the Roman invasion of 30BC. I'm not sure how many people got it, so I put some dialogue in this chapter to make it a little more obvious.Keep your suggestions coming in in the comments, by the way. I love reading them, and good ones might get implemented! Saying that though, lots of "plz rite da nxt chptr" comments don't make me write any faster. I'm currently aiming for at least one chapter every 2 days, though it's 1 chapter a day at the moment. I know people are asking for longer chapters, but these take several hours to sit down and write, and by having the chapters these length, I can release more regularly, allowing you all to enjoy Matt and Sophie's adventures more quickly!


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