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the ass groping亚洲成无码人在线观看

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the ass groping亚洲成无码人在线观看

"Yeah,yeah,big surprise I lost. Like we didn't all see this coming since the first game of the season."The other 4 guys of the fantasy football were all in the garage toasting the beers that I bought.Step 1 of losing the fantasy football league,buy lots of beers and host the "Superbowl" party."Seriously Manuel were you trying to lose?" Mark asked. "I don't think Manny has ever seen a game before the season started," Ralph joked."Hardy har har, laugh it up.I was in another country for over half the season," I defended.Total Bullshit. Well,I was,but that's not the reason I lost.I don't even like watching football.I mean come on,watching a bunch of dudes in pads run around and play keep away.I mean damn. I'd only moved to the area last May when I met Melissa my next door neighbor while I was mowing my yard.She came up while I was sweaty,shirtless,and cussing at the piece of crap weedeater that had thrown it's string once again. She'd brought a cold beer, a smoking hot body,and one hell of a sense of humor.I was head over heels by the time that she headed home a couple hours and a 12 pack later. Melissa, being the matron of the neighborhood, introduced me to the guys and their wives the next weekend at her cookout.Everyone loved Melissa,even all of the wives.That was very weird to me sense she was divorced for a little over a year and loved her 2 piece bathing suits anytime that she was in the neighborhood. But the wives weren't jealous and didn't hate her. A few more weeks of hanging out and it all made sense when she had a date over at another of her cookouts.The bombshell blonde girlfriend made complete sense why none of the wives were worried about Melissa around their husbands. Anyway,I liked the folks in the hood and wanted to become a part of the community,so when it came time for the fantasy football league,sure,I'll throw my hat in the ring. Even though I got my ass handed to me,it was fun talking shit for the past few months.And that's what brought me here with a few good friends,lots of cold beer,and the super secret envelope. Whoever loses the league gets to place one special part of the annual league bet into the envelope that the loser of the next league has to do.So the winner gets the money that we all put into the pot,the loose had to buy the beer and do whatever is in the envelope,and everyone else gets to get drunk and watch the dare in the envelope get carried out. "Are you ready to see what you've got to do?" Melissa asked holding up the envelope from last year.She lost last year,so she is the only one that knew my fate. And judging by the look of supreme smugness she was sporting I new that this was going to be bad. Melissa showed everyone the envelope that had been sealed and signed by everyone present at the end of the last season to make sure that the blind bet wasn't changed once it was made. Everyone agreed that it was their signature and that nothing had been changed. Melissa went over to her bar stool and sat."Alright, your fate is now sealed,or about to be unsealed as it were."She slid a piece of paper out of the envelope and began to read. "At the conclusion of the 2021-2022 fantasy football league the member who entered the league run out of Running Wolf Ranch Neighborhood, San Antonio will be required to dress in a sexual compelling outfit to be chosen and ordered by the proceeding years lowest ranked member of the league at a location of the choosing of the lowest ranked member of the league from the proceeding year."She was smiling huge."That's the fancy way of saying,that you and I are going to order you a sexy ass dress and then you're going to be rocking it during the Superbowl Party in a couple of weeks for all of us to admire."At that all of the guys broke out laughing.I had to take a very deep breathe.Oh fuck.I have actually dressed up a bit and fantasized a decent bit on sites like XNXX.com, but I'd never thought to do it in public. I couldn't trust my poker face,so I just took a huge drink chugging most of my beer. Melissa ended up measuring me shortly thereafter.We drank for a long while before calling it a night.Later in my room wearing my thong,stroking my cock,and dreaming of being out in public dressed as a sissy I shot a super big load of cum.Well,maybe this wouldn't be the end of the world after all. Now,two weeks later Melissa is laying out a bunch of cloths on my bed for me to try on.Yeah,I was at half staff already.It was the morning of Super Bowl Sunday and everyone was set to meet up at Melissa's in a couple of hours.The hog had been roasting since yesterday and the beer had been cooling since Friday. All of the guys and the wives from the fantasy football league were going to meet us. And of course all of them were going to get to see me in drag. I was starting to get a little harder.I feel like I should explain now,I'm not gay.I'm not bi. I just love the feel of tight little cloths.Nylons that massage my legs.Thongs that cup my balls with strings rubbing in my ass crack.Tops of all sorts that hug tightly to my torso.Skirts that grab my ass and show off my legs.You know the typical outfits that look slutty and makes you want to throw someone down and fuck them stupid, because sometimes you just want to be thrown down and fucked stupid and be used like a whore. Tonight I wanted to be someone's whore and be fucked stupid,but at the very least I wanted to look and feel the part. "Alright,how into this dare are you?" Melissa asked. "Uhm, well you know... I lost so I'll do it. It's whatever at this point."Fuck I didn't sound convincing at all to me. "Um hmm. So,are you good with whatever I come up with then?""Well the dare was that I'd wear whatever you got. So yeah."She stared at me for a minute. "Well OK then.I'm going to make you look slutty as fuck then."I nodded slightly."Yeah,can we cut the shit real quick?" I took a deep breathe and nodded again. "Good.If we played poker,then I'd have you stripped naked in four hands.You have a glass face honey.I watched you when I read the agreement originally and saw the look of pleasure on your face. You good it quickly,but I saw.And now tonight you're already sporting wood. I know that this excites the fuck out of you.And I'll admit that it's a turnon thinking about you all dolled up."She was smirking knowing that she was right.And with her saying it all aloud and being outted I was now fully hard."By the look of your pants you can't even deny it."I nodded again.Shit why couldn't I talk?"So we can make this a lot more fun for the both of us, and you participate in getting you dressed.""Uhm, ok."She laughed. "So are you more into skirts,leggings,or Daisy Dukes?""Skirts and Daisy Dukes," I blurted. "Nice!" She was full on smiling now very pleased with my interaction. "Now,it's a short skirt so it's going to be chilly."She pulled a tiny little jean skirt out of the pile along with a set of thigh highs. "These will help keep you just a bit warmer. But we will need to keep them up though now won't we.Saggy thigh highs are not sexy."She tossed over a garter belt. "And there are only two options for sexy undergarments. None or a thong?""Thong," I said breathing a bit hard. "Good choice.I'm going to make sure that ass is hanging out either way,but I'm a thong girl myself."She tossed over a bright red thong. Finally for a top, with the jean skirt you can only wear the flannel top."She tossed over a tiny top that two buttons and a tie in front. "Alright honey,go get dressed."I went in the bathroom and dressed the best that I could.The thong was at least a man's thing so it had a pouch in front,but I was way too hard to get inside of it.Instead I just put my cock diagonal up. I walked back out to Melissa laying on my bed. "Well I can see that both of us are enjoying this huh," she gestured to my poorly hidden cock."I think you're going to get arrested with that showing all night." We both laughed a bit. "Drop your skirt,I came with a plan just in case this was an issue."My face must have shown how freaked I was at the thought of that. "Now."She said directly. I unbuttoned the skirt and let it fall to the floor stepping free of it.As soon as it cleared, my cock stood out proudly.I'm not huge,but I'm a pretty thick 8 inches and as turned on as I was right then I was showing everything that I had to offer."Oh, very nice. That is nice and thick and good length.You should be proud."My cock flicked at her compliment. "Unfortunately for tonight we need small and discreet. But I have the solution."She pulled out a stainless steel cock ring.And I almost came right then.I bought a 3D printer just to be able to print my own cock rings.I have a ton of them to choose from.I always get hard fantasizing about having a woman lock my cock up for me and only release me for her own pleasure.But all of mine are plastic,not a heavy stainless cage.I've wanted on so badly for so long.This one is much smaller than any of the ones I've printed though. There is no way in hell I'll fit."Have you worn one before?"I nodded."Ummm, good. So this dare isn't a dare at all for you is it.I think I'm just making all of your fantasies come true aren't I?" "Yeah,kind of."I felt a bit ashamed admitting it,but God it was so very true. By looking at her face I was making some of her fantasies come true too. "This is my adjustable ring.I'm not sure how small you are soft,but obviously hard you won't fit.So there are two ways for us to get you soft so that you'll fit in,and trust me I WILL make you fit."I guess that my glass face showed my doubt again. "The first way is that I could let you cum or I guess even make you cum."I was breathing deeply trying to control myself."But that would limit all of the fun for the rest of the day,so I think that we need to go with option two. Go get me a cup of ice."I was a bit depressed that she wasn't going to make me cum,but I was excited to have her fit me into that tiny little cage,so I went and got the ice.She grasped my cock and started rubbing the cold ass ice on it.Yeah,anatomy won out and I softened pretty quickly.Now mind you,when I'm soft I'm still a good 4 inches and meaty.This cage was only an inch and a half.I still wouldn't fit. She continued icing me until I almost had an inny. Holy Christ, I was going to fit. "Hold that, " she instructed giving me the ice to hold to my own cock. She quickly pulled the cock cage into its two pieces.The base ring had a pivot point so that she was able to open the circle and then clasp it around my balls and the base of my cock near my body.I looked down and realized that even though I was shrunken short I was still to fat to fit into the cage."Take the ice away, " she demanded.She quickly dried my cock and then applied a piece of panty hose like material about the size of a condom to my now tiny cock. The excess that hung of the front like the reservoir tip of a condom was quickly fed through the small piss hole at the end of her cage. She slid the cage down on my cock and corkscrewed it a couple of times.The low friction of the nylon and the cage allowed it to pretty much slide right over my cock. I was still looking down in amazement as she aligned the two pieces and then put a lock in place creating a single stainless steel cage that my cock had no hope of escaping. She looked up at me smiling."Are you ready for the best part?" Without waiting for an answer or looking away from my eyes she gently pulled the nylon out of the small home and off of my cock.The sensation was exactly like when you fill a warm pussy with cum and hold it in her until you start to go soft and then slowly pull free from her. "Oh my fucking God!"My head kicked back. I didn't quite have an orgasm,but damned it was close.My cock immediately expanded as much a it could before filling its barrier.The denial of even getting an erection was enough pleasure to have me pumping my hips. Oh God I was ready to burst.I could feel my balls producing extra cum and being filled to capacity.Looking down I could see my precum already glistening on the shiny metal. Melissa saw it as well and ran her finger across it scooping a bit into her mouth.Oh fuck,this is hot. "You won't be able to become erect,but it looks like you're one of the lucky ones that will get even hornier knowing that you can't and yet still trying to.Damn,you make a great sissy."She started running her finger over my cock on the small strips of flesh exposed in the gaps of the metal."We still have a lot to get done, so we can't play here for too long. But there may be time later tonight.For now,we've got to finish getting you ready for the balls Cinderella."She gently patted my heavy sack. She took me by the hand into the bathroom and set me down at the vanity and opened the makeup bag that she'd brought with her.She put a ton of makeup on me,so I knew that I must look like a whore by the time she finished.The bright red lipstick was the final touch. "This gloss is going to keep your lips looking wet and inviting for everyone and it'll also protect the color.It won't smear or wear off for at least a day."That was fine,even if it wasn't off tomorrow it wasn't a big deal.I had to leave on another trip Wednesday,but the next two days I was working remote anyway,so nobody at work would see me.And everyone in the neighborhood would see me soon enough anyway. She fitted me with a shoulder length black wig that complemented my skin color and looked fairly natural.I stood and looked at myself on the mirror.I had smokey eyes,red DSLs, the thin flannel shirt was split down to show my bare chest where cleavage should have been,an inch gap of bare midriff,the very top of my garter belt,skin tight skirt showing off my ass,and garter straps connected to the top of my thigh highs. My cock throbbed seeing myself. I'd definitely fuck me. Hell,I would be jerking off to myself right now if I weren't locked into place.A firm swat on the ass had me jumping. "Fuck you look good."Melissa was right behind me checking me out on the mirror. "You need tits though.Come on. Let's finish getting you ready."She walked me back into my bedroom and had me put on a pair of heels.Luckily these were platforms as much as anything with a thick chunky heel,but they were at least 4 inches.They buckled on tightly and as soon as they were in place I was being drug to Melissa's house.She made me wait downstairs while she went up to her room. She brought down a bra that was stuffed.It wasn't until she had put it on me that I realized that the cups were actually filled with a soft silicone to give me cleavage.The silicone felt cold and suctioned over my pecks as it went into place.It was almost like I was getting my nipples sucked by a cool mouth as the bra was snapped behind me. Melissa reached from behind me and cupped my tits with both hands. Whispering into my ear,"I love to fuck women that put even less effort into looking as good as you do right now." She pulled me back against her and started kissing the side of my neck. My cock was straining so hard against its restraints that I was sure that it would burst free soon. If it wouldn't be rude I'd fuck you right now,but we do have guests after all."She released me and walked over to her phone and after taking a picture of me and with the unmistakable sound of a text being sent she put it away and took me by the hand to walk me out back. The door opened to cat calls and whistles as all of the guys and wives of the neighborhood took in the sight. "Hot Damn.""Looking good honey.""Oh hell yeah.""Best dare ever.""I'd pick her up at the bar.""Holy fuck. You look better than I do,no fair."Everyone had something to say.My head was spinning with all of the compliments.I knew that it was all BS to humiliate me,but damn it made me hot. I looked around and could have sworn that Mike and his wife Helen were actually eye fucking me."Give us a twirl honey," Helen yelled out. And fuck yeah I did.Of course I almost fell doing so and Mike actually had to help to keep me from falling over.He put a hand on the small of my back and helped me over to one of the bar stools. "I'm glad that you're being a good sport about it.It's all in good fun.Melissa was dressed a a bar maid last year and had to serve shots everyone a point was scored," Mike told me. "Yeah,but I don't think that even she was dressed this sexy," Helen said. I sat on the bar stool,but the skirt was so shirt that the cool leather was directly on half of my ass cheeks.It was nice. "Damn,how did I not write in about getting bottle service when I wrote out the dare last year?" Melissa laughed."Probably,because when you wrote it at the end of the night we'd all had like 20 shots," Ralph said. We sat around drinking and having snacks for a good while. Lots of joking.Each time that I went for a beer someone in the group would slap my ass.With each beer it felt better and better.Helen and a couple of the other girls were rubbing on my thigh highs from time to time,you know to see how soft my nylons were and such. Everyone had to grope my tits to see how realistic they felt. Damn it all felt so good.The cloths,the ass groping, the thigh rubbing. It was all amazing.Then it was time for the game.We all got up and I could see almost all of the guys adjusting themselves.I must have been seeing things.We all made plates in the kitchen and were running over each other drunk. I had more hands on my ass,but less swatting and patting and lots more rubbing and squeezing. Ahhhh, it felt amazing. "Excuse me," Mike said sliding behind me.I felt him brush up against my ass and I know that I felt a bulge press into me. A small moan escaped. I caught myself and cut it off quickly.I knew it wasn't quick enough,because a few moments later Mike went back behind me and this time his free hand came around my hip and he pulled me back into his hard cock. "Sorry about that,just need one of these." He said quietly into my ear as he reached around me for a roll. All the while slowly grinding his hard cock into my ass. I soon made an excuse to get away,I needed a moment. I was in the bathroom when I started laughing.I couldn't help it.A small knock sounded and Melissa slipped in with my smiling. "What the hell is wrong with you? Have you cracked or something?" "I got in here to escape for a second and realized this is why women go to the bathroom so often."I started laughing a bit harder."Now you're in here with me too, so now, as my first night out as a women I'm already going to the bathroom in pairs."My laughing must have been contagious, because Melissa started laughing with me. Oh shit,we really need to eat soon. Because we are starting to get far too drunk for how early it is. After we finally calmed she asked,18禁无码永久免费无限制网站"So was Mike really rubbing up on you?""Umm,"I blushed a bit. "Yeah,I think he was."She giggled a bit more. "Helen and I actually came up with this dare for him.She was going to sabotage him this season and make sure he lost to get him dolled up.The plan was while he was super drunk at the end of the night to get him to try new things," she confided. I must have looked as slow as I actually was because she explained,"Helen wanted to try pegging."My jaw dropped."But midway through the season we gave up because it was obvious that nobody was going to lose worse than you. And besides, she got him drunk one night and slipped him a finger during a blow job and ended up working up to pegging that way."Now my jaw was on the floor. "Oh come on,like you've never tried it?""No,I haven't," I said honestly. "Well keep on hanging around Mike tonight and you, him, and Helen are going to do a lot more than pegging."I blushed even more. "Alright,get out of here,I've got to pee.""Me too.It's not like girls only go to the bathroom to gossip," she said. "Well I've got to go first."With her just stood there looking at me and waiting so I figured fuck it.She's already held my cock,what's the harm in her seeing me pee. I lifted my skirt and grabbed my cock to aim... Yeah,no aiming a cage. "Fuck."Melissa was giggling as she she watched me take my skirt and thong down and sit to piss. I went to stand and she told me to go ahead and wipe since there was no way that I could piss clearly through the small hole. Then I moved to the sink and started washing my hands as I heard her piss.I glanced over and she was smiling at me. "What?It's just us girls in here."I chuckled and finished washing. We walked out of the bathroom arm in arm laughing at the situation. We all sat around the big screen eating,drinking,and watching the game. I couldn't help but notice each couple whispering into each other's ears and lots of eyes on me all throughout the game. Each time that a guy went for more beer or to the bathroom there was a definite crotch adjustment. What the fuck was going on?After the game we all went back out to the deck for more drinking and hanging out. "Ok, so last year Melissa had to give lap dances. I think this year it's only fair if Manuel does too," Racheal that sneaky bitch said. "What?" I half choked on my beer. "Fuck that,no way," I said."Queen Bee's call." Mark yelled."She was last year's loser and the writer of this year's dare," Mark said with a glint in his eye. "Oh I like it," Melissa said."But just deciding what to have him do is too easy.You all know I'm to cruel of a bitch to let him off that easy."She locked eyes with me. "You have to choose.Either a lap dance for each person, or you do a strip tease for all of us.""Lap dance. Lap dance.Lap dance."Helen was the one to start the chant but soon everyone was chanting. "Fuck it,lap dances," I gave in to a round of cheers. Melissa being the ring leader of everything decided that since she was the one that had set everything up she deserved not only the first,but the last dance as well. I danced for her to everyone's enjoyment and ground my ass into her crotch,I mounted her lap facing her,I tried to twerk, just generally I did everything that I've ever heard of strippers doing to others.Obviously there was a lack of bouncers around to enforce any no touch rules as she had taken advantage with hands roaming my body the entire time.At one point while I was sitting facing her she had her hand up my skirt stroking my imprisoned cock through the thin material of my thong. I'm sure others could see what she was doing. After finishing with her and receiving my round of applause I was pointed to the next closest chair, Ralph.He was in a shorter chair that had arm rests,so at least mounting him full on was out of the question.I actually tried to get away with just dancing in front of him and not touching,but soon everyone was calling me out. I started grinding my ass forward and back right on his crotch.I could feel his hard cock pressing into the crack of my ass.It wasn't huge,but it was hard.After only a minute I heard him groan a bit.There was a small shutter as his hips flexed of their own accord.Oh God,he just came in his pants.Oh God,I just got a guy off.I kept on grinding on him making sure that he had a nice happy ending.I mean I didn't want to be rude or anything. His wife was next and she was just a handsy as Melissa had been. I could tell that she was turned on by the dance. I moved through the group of my friends and their wives grinding on each one.Some of them were handsy gropping me the entire time,others more playful.I got hornier and hornier with each person that I was with.And relishing the way that I got to learn the size of each guy's cock.Every one of them were rock hard.I was bigger than each one of them with the exception of Mark.That dude was a fucking giant.He had to be at least 11 inches and it felt like he was at least a monster can in diameter. Most of the guys either excused themselves for a beer in the house or just flat out headed home as a couple after their dances were complete. Those that returned seemed a good bit more satisfied when they came back. By the time that I was down to only Mike and Helen left to dance for we heard the clock inside chime that it was 11. Time for everyone with kids to go down to Debbie's house and collect them for the night. Unfortunately,the two most handsy guests were the only ones that I hadn't danced for and they had no kids to leave to go get.I excused myself to the bathroom to pee again as the beer had me full.When I came back out Mike,Helen,and Melissa had come into the living room. "It's freezing balls out there. We'll have to finish up in here." Melissa said smiling.It was San Antonio February,so it was chilly for here, but everywhere else would be light jacket weather. I was thankful for coming inside as I certainly didn't have a jacket on and my ass that had been hanging out all night was freezing. On the down side the lighting was a lot better in here than out side.Ok, fuck it.I was drunk enough and horney enough that this wasn't a bad thing in my mind.However,being so drunk and horney was a bad thing because my inhibitions were almost gone.And the fact that I had just ground my ass into so many people's dicks and pussies had me feeling like I was the hottest piece of ass ever.It was actually too the point that when I realized that the main light in the room was working like a spot light an idea struck me.It struck me stupid. Stupid because the idea was just straight up stupid. I made all three of them sit on the couch next to each other for a show.I started dancing for them.It started out a just a shake and a shimmy and went to my hands roaming all over myself."Whahoo, take it off baby," Helen called out.And wouldn't you know it, the shirt was unbuttoned and untied in a moment's movement. Taking the bra off of myself was out of the question,so next the skirt dropped and I used my heels to fling it to the side.I'm dancing in a black lace bra,black lace thong, and black lace garter belt clips to black lacey thigh highs in my black wig. I danced a good bit more making sure to bend over and show off my ass. I was swaying my hips back and forth.My hands would wonder from breasts to crotch to ass."Oh baby,come to momma," Helen called over.I looked at the three of them really only taking them in for the first time since the dance started.Mike was sitting in the middle with a girl on either side of him.He had a hand from each of them rubbing on his inner thighs.The outline of his dick was clear through his pants.Both women had their free hand rubbing themselves. Helen's was squeezing her tit and Melissa's was rubbing her pussy. "Helen,you know that I'm the mommy here,but I'll let it go this time," Melissa corrected. "Well then baby,you'll have to come to my house soon where I am Momma," Helen said. "You guys can do that,but you'll have to buy him some new sexy clothes,because these are my cloths.I got these for my enjoyment.And I may even loan you his key,but I will need another key in return.Maybe we can trade at some point for a day.I could have this one," Melissa grabbed a hold of Mike's cock,"and you could have my key for Manny for a day. Of course Helen, you'll need to send Mike dressed up and cage the way that I like him."Helen licked her lips looking at me. "I'd be willing to trade cock for cock for a weekend. But for now,I want my lap dance."They both kind of giggled.I walked over to Helen and began her dance.I was standing facing her dancing slowly as she cupped my large balls hanging out of my cage.They were so sensitive. It was like they were trying to make up for all of the feeling that couldn't be achieved by my cock since it was in the cage.I turned around and was going to grind my ass on her,but she caught my ass and began exploring with her hands.Her middle finger traced the thin fabric of the thong down between my cheeks to my ass hole.It was a sudden shock of sensitive nerves and I know that I must have moaned a bit.I sat in her lap for a while one of her hands reaching under me rimming my ass hole,the other reaching over me playing with my balls. I could feel precum running down into her fingers as she continued toying with me. To my great disappointment Melissa said that our dance was done.Mike was next.Melissa had been stroking his cock the entire time that I'd been enjoying his wife's attentions.I'd even made brief eye contact with him as my balls were in his wife's hands.He looked very excited about the entire situation and I could tell that he liked watching his with another man. I mounted him face first pressing the bra and tits I was wearing directly into his face.I was at the right height so that I was also rubbing my cage into his stomach. He was immediately grabbing and squeezing my ass one cheek in each hand. He gave me a little swat with one palm,then pulled me down onto his very hard cock.With where we were sitting we were dick to dick.His running up towards his waist band trying to get out the top but he was just a little too short,mine wrapped in a layer of shiny metal immobilized from getting the full attention that it wanted. I ground my dick against his and couldn't help but imagine what it would be like to have both of our cocks free,covered in lube, masterbating his cock with mine, and feeling our bare balls press against one another. I finally went to stand to use my ass to play with his cock,but as I stood I noticed a wet spot on his shirt.Both of the girls did as well. Both women were laughing and joking about me leaving a wet spot of my precum on him.Then Helen lifted the wet spot on the shirt and had Mike lick it off.He made eye contact with me while his tongue made contact with my precum. Oh God,I almost came right there.I finished the lap dance for him by cupping his cock in between my ass cheeks and moving up and down the length of his cock.I used my ass to masterbate him.He could feel it well through the thin pants he was wearing and I could hear his deep breathing.I wished that he was naked.I know bare ass to bare cock I could get him off.Fuck,that might even get me off.I kept on going until I heard a low groan and Mike pulled me even tighter to him."Oh fuck." He bit out. I felt his cock pumping from between my cheeks.I knew that he was shooting a load of cum into his pants."Oh,damned. You finished him off."I'm not even sure which of the girls it had been that said it.I didn't even really care at the moment.I kept on stroking his cock with my ass.Finally I turned and looked,Mike's head was back on the couch in total bliss.At some point in me dancing and getting Mike off the girls had moved to the other couch and had been playing with themselves and each other.Both of them were putting their tits back into their shirts and Helen was pulling her skirt back down over her hips. Mike was a wreck though.He had cum on the very bottom part of his shirt and a wet spot of more cum was showing through his pants. "We made Mike clean up the mess before,but he can't reach for this one." Melissa said.I felt one of the girls pressing my down to my knees between Mike's legs and the other was exposing the cum on his shirt for me.I licked it off.It was warm and thick.The glob that I took in was something like the consistency of a runny slime.But I was not repulsed,far from it.I cleaned it and as Helen opened Mike's pants revealing the rest of the cum that I had released from him I went about my works. I licked up every bit of the cum that I could find and then I made the mistake and glanced up.Mike's was looking down.He was so excited.I grasped his cock and started sucking on the tip. Then I took the shaft in my mouth.Then it dawned on me,my slow drunk brain caught up,I was giving a blow job.I gaged myself a couple of times on his cock taking it deep into my mouth.I went to fast. I went to slow.I mean really though. How good were you at your first blow job?The girls were playing with my ass while I was blowing Mike.I ended up coated in oil,I had a finger slid in my ass, then I got a second finger, and I got finger banged. It was fucking great.I wanted to get Mike off so bad though.I think I really wanted his cum again,but I also knew how much a blow job with not getting off sucked.Finally the girls pulled me off.Helen kissed me deeply."Fuck Manny, if you keep on going like that you're going to put me out of work."Helen was smiling as she turned me around to the coffee table."But we're going to put you to work some more."Melissa was naked and sitting in front of me her legs already spreed wide.I pulled her hips toward me so that I could get her pussy into my mouth.My hips hit the edge of the coffee table as well right as my tongue split her lips. I drove my tongue deep in her tasting her juices that were already flowing heavily.I licked as much of her into my mouth as I could.I was just moving to take her clit into my mouth as I felt something push against my ass hole.I looked back knowing that I would see Helen staring to finger me again. Instead Mike was pushing the head of his cock into my exposed ass.He had one hand on each side of my hips as Helen was guiding him into me.I could feel my ass give way and open up for him and he sank partially in.The feeling of fullness was nearly indescribable.He pushed further feeding cock deep into me. Melissa pulled my head back around to her and I started sucking on her clit.I was mindlessly tongue'ing her clit as I felt Mike bottom out in me.His cock was resting against my prostate.It was electric.It felt like after you cum from a blow job,but the woman keeps on going not letting you come down from the high or catch your breathe.It was almost too much for my brain to process. Then he started to fuck me.It was a nice slow pace.I could tell that he was simply enjoying himself not trying to wreck my ass,not trying to humiliate me,just trying to fuck me to a great orgasm.It was amazing.I wanted to stroke my cock so badly.But I couldn't.I wanted to push back against his hips,but I was locked against the table,so I couldn't.I was helpless,only able to eat pussy and let my ass get fucked.That was the best sense of helplessness ever. So I ate Melissa's pussy the best that I could while I had a dick in my ass. I must have been doing pretty good because Melissa came very hard.Glancing up I saw that Helen had one of Melissa's nipples in her mouth and the other pinched between her fingers. Melissa's orgasm started a chain.Mike's thrusts became more urgent,faster, and harder.I was trying to eat as much of Melissa's cum as I could,but Mike's cock was right on my prostate.I felt like I was cuming.I felt like instead of shots of cum that I was producing a steady stream of it. "Oh fuck!" I couldn't help but yell out.Then I felt it. His cock started surging inside of me.I could feel his warm cum invade my ass.It felt like every bit of cum that he released was going straight to my prostate and rubbing their tiny dicks fucking my prostate as well."Oh fuck. I'm cuming," Mike announced as he continued pumping my ass full. I felt like I was close to blacking out from the sensation.I knew I was having an orgasm as well,but it's different when you're locked up.My cock wasn't thrusting, it couldn't even twitch with how tightly it was bound up. It wasn't in a pussy pumping away.It wasn't in my hand stroking.It wasn't in a warm mouth being sucked. But my body was exploding. "Oh fuck yeah,fuck me!"He started started slowing his movements as his balls were emptying into me. His warm cum filling me.His size and girth while not huge were enough to fill me and push his cum deep into me. My hips started twitching and my ass hole started clamping down on him as my orgasm hit full on."Oh fuck,I'm cuming too. Fill me. Ah fuck I don't want this to end."When he reluctantly pulled free of my cock sheath I could feel the gape of my asshole that wanted to be filled again.I moved off the table and layed down on the floor on my back.My body was spent after the best workout of my life.My body had never been used up like this. "Oh fuck,look at all of his cum," Helen exclaimed."Fuck he really enjoyed the night."I assumed that she meant Mike,but as I looked over she was pointing out a puddle just under the table where my cock had emptied."Mike,he cleaned up your mess.Now you help clean up Manny's."She lowered Mike down and I watched him lick my cum up off the floor.What a sexy site. Helen was rubbing his ass as he worked.As soon as he was done Helen pointed out my cock. "There's more to be cleaned."I looked down and sure enough,I had more cum on my cage. Mike didn't hesitate and started licking it clean. Then he took me and the cage into his mouth sucking on me the best he could around the girth. The warmth of his mouth was reviving me and my body responded flooding as much blood as it could into my cock that couldn't grow. "That's enough.You can suck dick for him later after he's properly trained and has earned it," Melissa said stopping him. "Hell I may even ask your mommy to borrow your mouth and ass to help train him.""Come on baby,mommy is horney and you need to make up for getting to cum twice tonight." Helen stood Mike up."And I think after tonight it's time to get you a sexy little sissy outfit too.And I need to order you a tiny little cage to put your cock into so that I can swap my toy with Melissa's toy when she's ready."They both got dressed and before leaving Helen gave Melissa a deep goodbye kiss."Another great party.Let me know when you're ready to rent your sissy boy out. I'll have Mike ready for your use as well.""Ok, just know that after I get done using Mike there might not be much left.""Oh trust me,whatever is left I'll keep on using him and training him in new ways to please his mommy. After tonight I can see that he is very open to being used in lots of ways. I may even see if there's someone of XNXX.com that wants to come over and take him for a test run while I watch." They both laughed as Helen and Mike headed out the door. "Oh fuck baby,you did way better tonight than I ever expected.I thought I'd have to work for a couple of weeks before I could peg you and a few more months before you took a real dick. And that tongue of yours is amazing. I'm going to be enjoying it a lot from now on."She walked over to a bag hanging near the front door and retrieved something. "Lift your legs up toward your head," she instructed. I did and she slid a butt plug into my ass.I was still lubed with Mike's cum and slightly gaped from his cock,so it slid in easily. "I don't want you to drip cum out all over the house.Fuck he really filled you up.Besides the first time that you're filled with cum it should be left in place so that your body can absorb it. Then your ass hole will know what it's meant for.Taking cum."She stood me up,"Come on its time to go upstairs and start your training for your new way of life.Don't worry,Mistress Melissa is going to take good care of you.You'll get plenty of pussy to eat,cocks to suck,dildos and dicks for your ass,and if you do well enough you may even get to fuck again one day."


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